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Textural Boho

Boho style embraces a large mixture of eclectic colors, lots of patterns, and textures, and is often inspired by cultures from around the world. The lovely part of Textural Boho is that the can be bent just a little or a whole lot to create a personalized look for your event. The beauty of the Boho trend is that it can be used year-round and in all types of settings and venues. Don’t hold back - embrace your Bohemian style!

Here are a few suggestions for achieving the Textural Boho look showcased in our collections.
But really, the door is wide open to mixing and matching all types of elements.

  • White or black tablecloths

  • Tables runners in champagne, teal, white, etc.

  • Chargers in rattan, gold, etc.

  • Napkins in a variety of colors

  • Floral accents in moody tones, pampas, wheat, eucalyptus

  • Clear drinkware or an assortment of colored goblets

  • Flatware

  • Candlesticks and votives

  • Lanterns or geometric vases

  • Triangle or Circle Arbor

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